Welcome to my website. I've been a firefighter and NYS EMT for over 20 years. As such, I've witnessed firsthand the panic and even tragedy that arises when people are forced to go days or even weeks without access to food, water, or medical attention. Nothing is more important to us than the welfare of our family, so I was inspired to learn how to prepare my family to be self sufficient in the event of such a catastrophe. Drawing on extensive experience as an educator for both children and adults, I am now offering those services to others who would like to prepare their families to be self reliant in the event of an emergency.

Firefighter & EMT for 20 years
Certified Wilderness EMT
Wilderness EMT Instructor
Wilderness search & rescue
Orienteering & Navigation expert

Home & family disaster preparedness
Children and emergencies
Psychology of wilderness survival
Survival Mentality

Community first aid
CPR for civilians
CPR for professional rescuers
Wilderness First Aid
Long Term Patient Care
Search and Rescue
Emergency Preparedness
Prepping Your Home
Escaping the City